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Robert Feeney
Material Culture & Technology

Robert has been fascinated with archaeology and early technology since a young age. He holds a Master's Degree in History and a Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology from Florida Atlantic University. He has excavated dinosaurs in the American West, explored World War One sites in Egypt, Jordan, and Israel, and helped to map shipwrecks along the Florida coastline. He has worked in the field of archaeology for over 20 years. He is currently writing two books. He has a passion for antique diving equipment, 19th century electric telegraph systems, early photographic technology, military history, and arms and armor conservation. He is a certified SCUBA instructor and a member of the Explorer's Club of New York.

Miriam Naranjo
Administration Director

Since she was a child, Miriam has had a great affinity for museums. Being a tactile and visual learner, museums have always been enjoyable to her. Life took her another way, as she delved into the world of medicine and worked as a surgical technologist for 13 years, Nonetheless, her love of science and history never wavered.

In 2018, Miriam followed her calling and began pursuing a Bachelors in Anthropology with a goal of eventually attaining a Masters in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management. Having two children of her own, Miriam realizes the vital role museums, history, and science can have on the next generation. Her hope is to inspire the same passion in others that museums sparked for her as a child, and to promote knowledge of the natural world to the local community.

(561) 460-3066

Shana Campbell
Education Director

With nearly a decade of teaching and camp experience as well as outreach and ELO experience, she will help grow the Museum’s vision by expanding educational opportunities internally and externally.

Shana enjoys working with children and has two of her own. She is first-aid and CPR certified. She graduated from FAU with a BFA and had certifications in art education, special education with ASD endorsement, and elementary education. She brings a varied experience that will be incorporated into our after school and camp programs to keep children engaged and challenged.

(561) 275-6233

Luis Torres
Assistant Curator
 of Paleontology

Having a love for the natural sciences ever since childhood, Mr. Torres knew he would be involved in the creatures that either do or once did call Earth home. He obtained a Bachelors of Science degree from Florida Atlantic University in 2018 and, after a period of time working in a biological laboratory setting, decided to return to Florida Atlantic University to obtain a Masters of Science in Geology in order to further pursue his reignited interest in Paleontology. While at the  university he was also employed as a biological laboratory technician. Having been awarded his MS in 2022, Luis was accepted into the paleontology Ph.D program at the University of Florida in Gainseville. His interests include all paleontological life, but with a special interest in the Cenozoic and the Ice Age faunas of Florida.

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