Fused Hadrosaur Vertebrae with T. rex Tooth


Fused vertebrae with embedded tooth (replica): Centrum measures 5 inches by 4 inches, overall length 10.5 inches.

Product Description

Unmistakably one of the most well-known predators of the Late Cretaceous, it was not until recently that we had unequivocal proof that T.rex attacked living prey animals. That proof was a set of hadrosaur vertebrae, fused by infected bone, with a T.rex tooth wedged inside. Recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, featured on National Geographic’s T.rex Autopsy program, and hailed by international media as the “Smoking Gun Fossil”, this is the most dramatic evidence of incontrovertible T.rex predatory behavior! This item comes with a free reprint of the scientific paper, and additional images such as CT scans and artwork can be added to the order. A must-have for any T.rex or predatory dinosaur display! This is your chance to own a replica of a truly famous, world-class research fossil.

Digital file of additional images, CT scans, and schematics are also available.


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