The Margate-Blount Archaeological Site

The following summary of the site is from "An Archaeological Survey of Broward County: Phase I" by Robert S. Carr, Principle Investigator. The survey was conducted for the Broward County Office of Planning by the Archaeological and Historical Conservancy, Inc. September 1991

Description: The Margate-Blount site consists of two components; a black dirt midden and a burial mound located southeast of the midden. The dimensions of the midden range from approximately 52 meters on the east/west axis and 56 meters on the north/south axis. The cultural deposit is in some places up to one meter deep.

The burial mound, composed primarily of much with some midden debris, has dimensions of 13 meters north/south and 19 meters east/west. The mound has been intensively dug, but there are still some intact undisturbed areas.

Chronology: Prehistoric: Late Archaic, Glades I-III

Collections: Faunal bone, ceramics, worked shell, human remains, gunflint, musketball, lithic artifacts, wooden paddle, wooden artifacts, log crypt.

Previous Research: Williams 1983; Cockrell 1990. This site was first dug in 1959, and again between 1961- 1965. It was the first site excavated by Wilma Williams and the Broward County Archaeological Society. In the late 1980's the Broward County Archaeological Society returned to the site and conducted additional excavations. Cockrell subsequently conducted an excavation there in 1989.

Publications: "Bridge to the Past: Excavations at the Margate-Blount Site," Wilma B. Williams, The Florida Anthropologist, June 1983

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