Pterosaur In-situ Presentation


In-situ Presentation of Skeleton (replica): 15 inch slab.

Product Description

An extremely rare pterosaur, this is the first reconstruction of a newly discovered pterosaur from the Hell Creek Formation of South Dakota. North American pterosaur remains are very rare in general, and this is the first associated pterosaur skeleton from the Hell Creek.  The reptile has incredible detail, and can be mounted in a variety of poses. The original specimen is currently under research and a manuscript is in preparation.

Mounted on replica slab of authentic and unique Pterosaur trackway found in the Hell Creek Formation. One or two Pterosaurs may be mounted in custom positions (call for details and pricing).

Mounted skeleton  mounted on standard base or unique trackway slab is available, see Replica Skeletons.

Skull is available separately, see Replica Skulls



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