Introducing Dakotaraptor


A new giant raptor discovered by Curator Robert DePalma:

“Finally, I can speak about it! The new raptor! As some have already described it…”Feathery…Giant…Toothy”

“Those of you that know me are more than aware that I look out for my colleagues and team members more often than I look out for my own personal interests. I don’t see any of these publications as a way to flaunt myself or enjoy the limelight, it is actually quite the opposite- every time there is a success, a publication, or a media spot, it is a way for me to give something back to my team. For those who have bled with me, dug alongside me, toiled for endless hours behind a research desk, and been integral parts of scientific puzzles, this is when together we share in the glory, my way of coming through for them and not letting them down, a chance for us all to enjoy the credit. When these projects follow through to completion, they are a useful tool for future scientists, the product of much sacrifice, dedication, and combined effort. And the countless people who joined forces to connect all the pieces are not always named or recognized, despite our greatest efforts to do so. The completed project is as much a monument in their honor as it is a learning tool for other scientists.”



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