From Curator Robert DePalma: “Something Big is Coming!”

Something BigMark your calendars and keep a weather eye on the horizon- something big is, indeed, coming!
Halloween weekend will not only be host to jack-o-lanterns and spider webs, it will also see a new dinosaur enter the playing field. (and for you fellow paleo-nerds out there, the picture won’t help you guess- it has no taxonomic affinity to the new beast! So don’t look too far into it) All I can say is that I can’t wait to delight all of my paleo friends out there when this thing comes out. We are all so passionate about the search for ancient life, we all try to answer the same questions and reconstruct the same long-obliterated worlds, and it is times like this that we get to sit back and enjoy being the huge paleo “family” that we are, coast-to-coast and worldwide.

I wish Facebook had a “Jurassic Park dinosaur footprint ground-rumble” feature to tack onto this smile emoticon



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