You Know You Are a Southern Florida Archaeologist When…

You Know You Are a Southern Florida Archaeologist When…

  • Your commute entails taking an air-boat to an Everglades tree island
  • A “mound” is any elevation over 30cm
  • You worry whether your snake boots can handle Everglades pythons
  • People think you are searching for buried Spanish doubloons
  • You have shared an “emergency” beer with Gary Beiter
  • The land owner forgets to tell you it is hunting season, so you improvise high-visibility gear from colored tape
  • Your test pit fills with water at 30cm
  • STP always stands for sand-tempered plain, not some 1990s alternative band
  • You come back from lunch to find your site paved over and a condo going up
  • The Florida Anthropologist is your recreational reading
  • You have worked for the venerable Bob Carr
  • And, your archaeological site looks like a tropical paradise




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