Jurassic Camp 2020

Jurassic Camp 2020

Our camp sessions feature weekly topics with hands-on activities, discovery of prehistory, and a focus on Florida. Campers will become junior paleontologists and archaeologists, learning to identify fossils, Native American artifacts, and more. We include STEAM-based multidisciplinary learning and small group settings for more individual attention and stronger social bonds along with arts and crafts, games, and music and movement (dance, yoga, etc). Students will get to meet Rudolph Pascucci, an archaeologist and paleontologist. Classes are led by our Director of Education, Shana Campbell, a former Palm Beach County teacher who has nearly a decades experience working with children including those with special needs. You may contact Shana at scampbell@pbmnh.org or by calling (561) 275-6233.

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Now you can attend camp from the comfort and safety of your own home. Come on by and pick up a Jurassic Camp Crate and participate in optional group zoom sessions on Mondays (unboxing days), Wednesdays, and Fridays from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm for some group activities and project sharing. Each week's crate coincides with our weekly themes. You can choose from one week of your choice, multiple weeks, or receive a discount for signing up for multiple session. Boxes can be delivered straight to your door for a $15 fee per box.

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Our fall camps are in the planing stage as we are adjusting the times to be compatible with the new public school hours. 

Jurassic Summer Camp Dinosaur

*Class sizes are limited to 8 students due to Covid-19, subject to change


Group A: ages 4-9

Group B ages 10-17

Provided: Fossils to take home, snacks, materials

Week 11

Monday, August 10th through Friday, August 14th - 10 am to 4 pm

Theme: Pre-Dinosaurs (Paleozoic era)

Students will learn about the flora (towering forests) and fauna (the crawl from sea to land) that pre-date the dinosaurs, explore real fossils, and learn about major events such as the largest extinction in history. They will learn about how and where these fossils can be found today. They will work on a group mural to recreate a scene from prehistory along with other daily activities.

Week 12

Monday, August 17th through Friday, August 21st - 10 am to 4 pm

Theme: Dinosaurs (Mesozoic era)

Campers will discover why dinosaurs did not exist in Florida, and what did during that time. They will learn about dinosaurs such as Cheryl, our museum triceratops, and other dinosaurs world-wide.

Week 13

Monday, August 24th through Friday, August 28th - 10 am to 4 pm

Theme: Ice Age (Cenozoic era)

Campers will learn about the Ice Age in Florida, what animals were present, and where/how to collect fossils in Florida from Ice Age animals. They will sort and identify real fossils. Campers will be taking a fossil home.

Week 14

Schedule coming soon

Theme: Native Americans

Campers will learn about Florida Native Americans and their artifacts. They will recreate pottery, jewelry, and masks.

Week 15

Schedule coming soon

Theme: Dinosaurs (Mesozoic Era

Campers will discover why dinosaurs did not exist in Florida, and what did during that time. They will learn about dinosaurs such as Cheryl, our museum triceratops, and other dinosaurs world-wide.

Week 16

Monday, Schedule coming soon

Theme: Career Week- Explore professions that study prehistory (Archaeologists, Paleontologists, Geologists, Physical Anthropologists, etc) with guest speakers

Week 17

Monday, Schedule coming soon

Theme: Dinosaurs: A historical overview (myths, pop culture, art through history, etc)

Campers will explore our relationship and ever-changing knowledge about dinosaurs throughout human history. They will create a group media project starring dinosaurs.

Week 18

Monday, Schedule coming soon

Theme: Invertebrates

Campers will learn how to find local fossil shells up to 2 million years old. They will discover phosphorescent and fluorescent fossils in our museum using UV flashlights. They will learn about honey calcite, and the only place in the world it can be found (it’s local). They will learn about invertebrates, corals, and the unofficial Florida fossil (agatized coral). Campers will get to take home a fossil.

Week 19

Monday, Schedule coming soon

Theme: Shark Week

Campers will learn about the history of sharks in Florida from the Ice Age to present. They will learn where and how to find shark teeth in Florida. They will get to hold a Megalodon tooth, dig for their own teeth, and take a fossil home.


Weekly: $250

4 weeks: $950 (save 5%)

6 weeks: $1,350 (save 10%)

Sibling and other discounts are available.

Can't do a full week? Ask us about individual daily sessions.

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