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     Archaeological Institute of America

Welcome to the South Florida Chapter of the Archaeological Institute of America

Come join us at our monthly meetings held on the first Thursday of each month or attend one of our AIA sponsored lectures. Activities include discussions, videos, field trips, and mini-conferences offering the presentation of papers concerning the latest reseach being conducted in southern Florida. You may contact us at or if you would like additional details please contact Rudolph Pascucci, AIASFL Coordinator at

The South Florida Chapter of the
Archaeological Institute of America

2014-2015 Lecture Series

Atlantic Ais

Atlantic Ais in the Late 17th Century:
English Buccaneers, Spanish Silver, and
Indigenous Divers from Florida

Presented by: Peter Ferdinando
PhD Candidate, Florida international University

Thursday, November 13th, 2014 at 7pm
Location: Florida Atlantic University
Boca Raton Campus
777 Glades Rd., Rm. ED 119

Lecuture Abstract:

The Ais and other Native Americans of Florida’s east coast expertly exploited their local riverine and marine environment. From this maritime adaptation, they honed various aquatic skills, including adept swimming and skillful diving. Such expertise, however, did not go unnoticed by the coming Europeans. In the early 1680s, for example, English and French buccaneers raided the Florida coast to acquire indigenous divers to work a sunken Spanish treasure ship in the Bahamas. Using this captive indigenous labor force, the buccaneers and Bahamians, along with wreckers from as far as New York, New England, Jamaica, and Barbados, quickly stripped the wreck’s silver cargo. They subsequently sold the surviving captives to markets in Barbados and beyond. Building on the connections between the Atlantic slave trade and the burgeoning field of the Red Atlantic, Peter examines English and Spanish documents to argue for the existence of this brief era of the Atlantic Ais in the late seventeenth century.


Peter Ferdinando

Peter Ferdinando, PBMNH Curator of Anthropology, has a wide range of interests that include anthropology, biology and history. His initial undergraduate degree was awarded from the University of Central Florida in Anthropology. At Florida Atlantic University he obatined a second BA in history which focused on ancient civilization, the American colonial period and the British Empire. He also received a Master’s in anthropology from FAU where his work concentrate on biological anthropology and concepts of modern human evolution. Peter is currently a PhD Candidate at Florida International University.


For more information, please contact:
Rudolph F. Pascucci
Coordinator, AIA-South Florida

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