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New for 2010

Expedition Ice Age!

Travel back to the Florida of 12,000 years age when ice covered much of our continent and the Everglades was vast grassland where many strange and usual creatures roamed.
Did elephants really live in Florida?
How big were a Saber -Toothed cats teeth?
Were there really armadillos the size of volkswagens?
Why do scientists find whale bones in the middle of Florida?
What was Florida's fossil sea?
How did early paleo-indians hunt these huge animals?

Presentation includes seven foot long replica Saber Cat
Replica skulls of extinct Florida Ice Age animals
Authentic mammoth and mastodon teeth
Many other real fossils collected from Florida Ice Age sites
A demonstration of the use of an Atlatl, a paleo-Indian hunting weapon (high quality replica).

Florida History Hunters

Be an archaeologist for a day! Our experts will visit your school and present an exciting program about archaeological excavation, and prehistoric America.
How did Native Americans come to this new land?
Who were the original native people of Southern Florida?
How did they live?
What did they eat and how did they get food?
How do Archaeologists study the past?

The slide-lecture explores in detail the techniques of excavation, the kinds of artifacts we find in Southern Florida, and the Native American cultural monuments that we have discovered. Also, it will touch on Ice Age Mammals including the wooly mammoth and the saber-cat. Our hands-on outreach program gives students an opportunity to excavate real and replicated artifacts in a simulated “dig.

Expedition Dinosaur!

Be a dinosaur palaeontologist for a day and go on a virtual expedition back to the Mesozoic Era.
What are dinosaurs?
Where did dinosaurs live?
How did dinosaurs make their living?
Did dinosaurs really rule the world?
How did dinosaurs die out?
Are there any dinosaurs still alive today?
Could the movie “Jurassic Park” really happen?
How do paleontologists excavate and study dinosaur fossils?

The slide-lecture explores these questions in detail. The hands-on outreach includes various activities such as excavating in portable “dig” boxes, measuring the heights of dinosaurs, constructing a geological timeline and discussing the Age of the Dinosaurs. This is sure to stimulate children’s minds with the wonders of science and be entertaining as well.

All of the above themes are available through our
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